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Garage door opener inspections are offered by different companies, and each of them comes with a different set of features. It is common for people to use the garage door regularly to park their vehicles or even to enter their homes. Therefore, it is of paramount importance to ensure that roughly those 300 parts that make up the entire garage door system work efficiently and in perfect harmony. Among the many problems encountered with garage doors, garage door opener system faults can pose the most danger. Working with electrical parts can be quite hazardous, and thus the need to consult professionals to do any repair work for you is mandate. We have the most competent team of technicians to carry out informed and thorough garage door opener inspection in Orange County, as well as other garage door related issues.

The garage door is used several times a day, and by multiple family members and friends. This is why the Consumer Product Safety Commission enforced requirements for all local manufacturers and importers of garage door openers inspection to have them feature the reversing system. By 1993, other requirements for garage door features, such as external entrapment protection systems were also established. This was followed by the inclusion of edge sensors and photo eyes. Any garage door that does not conform to this federal law requirement needs immediate replacement!

As the leading garage door opener inspection specialists in Orange County, we, Orange County Garage Door Masters, schedule monthly visits to all our customers. It is advised that garage doors openers and all their components get inspected, therefore, our strict and standard preventive maintenance program, as guided by the CPSC policy, ensures exactly that. All garage door initial installation services, done by us, must be followed up by these prearranged inspection visits. We also have a quick response emergency team, available 24/7/365, to deal with problems related to garage door repair in Orange County. Checking for faults on garage door openers inspections requires a lot of expertise and our highly trained and experienced technicians know exactly what to look for.


The following is a step by step guide to garage door opener inspection and testing, as executed by our technicians:

Our garage door opener inspection procedure starts with visual examination. The technician will stand inside the garage, with the garage door closed, and check for any damages or signs of wear on the hinges, cables, springs, pulleys and rollers. This also includes checking for appropriate placement of warning labels and recommended safety features, like the photo eye or edge sensor. Listening and checking for proper balancing as the garage door goes up and down also helps in identifying symptoms of serious expected issues. Additionally, the technician should disconnect the automatic garage door opener mechanism while the garage door is closed, and try to lift it up using the manual garage door opening handle. If the door goes up without much effort, and remains open then it is well balanced. Otherwise, the door would just come back down if not properly balanced.

Note: The opening and closing of the garage door should match the applied force.

We reconnect the automatic garage door opener system and test the reverse mechanism, from inside the garage, using the following quick steps:

  • Push the open/close button to see if the garage door operates perfectly.
  • While the door is fully open, put something on the photo eye to obstruct the beam and try closing the garage door. If it is working properly, the garage door will remain open.
  • With the garage door still open, press button to close and try resisting the garage descent using your hand. The garage door should reverse immediately without applying too much effort.
  • While closing a fully open garage door, try waving a long piece of rod (broomsticks work well) across the photo eye to cut the beam from a safe distance. Once the beam is broken, the garage door should reverse immediately.
  • Place a wooden plank (2X4) anywhere near the center of the garage door with the garage door fully open to block its path and try closing it. The garage door should reverse as soon as it makes contact with the piece of wood in its path.

Note: The garage door operating button should be mounted at least 5 feet above the garage floor to avoid being tampered with by small children. The photo eye should not exceed 6 inches above the garage floor.

Note: All identified problems should be documented and reported to the homeowner to schedule for immediate corrective measures. This is how basically the entire process of garage door opener inspection carried out.

garage door opener inspection carried out.

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